Guido Van den Troost   -    b. 1958 - Vilvoorde (Belgium)
Worked as head of the cultural department of the community of Meise (near Brussels) and coordinator for the cultural centre “GC De Muze van Meise”
Started working seriously as a photographer in 2015, taking lots of photo’s and thus igniting a passion for all things photographic
Photography training in CVO Brussels /Meise/Aalst - graduated januari 2021
First exhibition “33T+Bloem” in January 2018, CC Asse
Laureate Fotografiecircuit Vlaanderen 2018-2020
selected for Fotofestival Pelt 2019 
selected for Breedbeeld “Lens op de Mens” 2019 
selected for Natura Inspiratus - Botanical Gardens of Meise 2020
Photowork for Brusseleir! (magazine) and Brussels Volkstejoêter (theatre company) 
Photo’s and styling for “Kort” short-stories-magazine (in Dutch)
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